Research and Educational Mission

The scope of the Center on Complex Automated Systems (C.A.SY.) "Giuseppe Evangelisti" at the University of Bologna is to explore basic theoretical issues in the control of complex dynamical systems. The Center will target applications in several areas and disciplines, including Autonomous Guidance, Automotive Systems, Fault Tolerant Control Systems, Communications Networks, Biological Systems.

The Center serves as a forum for scientists and engineers for academia, industry, and research labs, to exchange knowledge about current research in control of complex systems and to identify emerging applications. It allows scientists to share new methodologies, test beds and related resources, and to collaborate in joint research projects funded by domestic and/or international agencies and industry. The Center is running specific research programs on selected topics and also advanced educational programs in the general area of control theory.

The mission of the Center is to stimulate faculty, researchers and graduate students within the Department of Electronics, Informatics and Systems (D.E.I.S), as well as from different Departments within the University of Bologna, and leading researchers from the nation to work collaboratively on control and automation of complex systems, exploiting their complementary skills. The Center is interacting and collaborating with other Centers abroad having similar research and educational mission. 

The Center has a partnership with the Institute of Advanced Studies (I.S.A.) of the University of Bologna in setting up a regular joint fellowship program, so as to establish a strong and permanent flow of distinguished visitors. The Center seeks partnerships with industry on technology transfer-related issues.

The educational and professional mission of the Center is to provide self-contained courses, at a doctoral level, of current and emerging advanced topics in control of complex systems, as well as to educate graduate students by working on industry-related problems through internships in companies. The Center Periodically organize international workshops on selected topics, to understand new trends and identify emerging theoretical areas as well as application-oriented needs. The center is fostering education of scientists and engineers in academia to address industry and application-oriented research needs and to focus their research programs accordingly.