Prof. Claudio Bonivento



The research area of Automatic Control has been active at the University of Bologna since the pioneering work of Giuseppe Evangelisti in the early '50s. At present a number of theoretical subjects and applications in this area have been carried out by different groups of interest. In order to consolidate some specific topics and to capture some national and international resources is today worthwhile to establish light but formal connections among researchers. This, indeed, is what we are trying to do through the realization of this new Center associated to the Department of Electronics, Computer Science and Systems (D.E.I.S.) of University of Bologna.

The Research Center - named CASY (Center for Complex Automated Systems) - was officially approved on November 19, 2002 (D.R. no. 494/189).

Its main goal is to explore fundamental theory issues in the advanced design for control of nonlinear complex dynamical systems, with special attention to internal-model-based control and adaptation, fault-tolerant and self-reconfiguring control systems with application to autonomous guidance, advanced automotive control, controlled mechanical systems and robots, and finally  adaptation of control strategies to evolving control goals and needs.
The Center takes advantage from the presence of a worldwide reputed Scientific Committee, chaired by Alberto Isidori, University la Sapienza of Rome, whose members are Frank Allgöwer, University of Stuttgart, Karl Johan Åström, Lund Institute of Technology, Tamer Başar, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Roberto Scazzieri, ISA of University of Bologna, Roberto Tempo, IEIIT - CNR, Politecnico di Torino.