Special CASY Workshop on
“Advances in Control Theory and Applications”

May, 22 - 26, 2006
University of Bologna Residential Centre of Bertinoro, FC, Italy

 List of Invited Talks

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“A New Dissipation Inequality for the Minimum Phase Property of Nonlinear Systems - A Computational Semialgebraic Perspective” by Frank Allgower

“Event-Based Estimation and Control” by Karl Åström

“Sensing and Control with Limited Transmissions” by Tamer Başar

“The Scenario Approach: Robust Optimization in Systems and Control” by Marco Campi

“Spectral analysis and entropy principles in the absence of a time-arrow” by Tryphon Georgiou

“A System Theory View of Petri Nets” by Alessandro Giua

“Automobiles and Control Systems – A Never-Ending “Love Story”” by Lino Guzzella

“Model Reduction for Linear and Nonlinear Control Systems” by Arthur Krener

“From Decentralized to Distributed Control of Partially-Observed Discrete-Event Systems: A Critical Review of the State of the Art” by Stéphane Lafortune

“Asymptotic and uniform practical output regulation for nonlinear systems” by Lorenzo Marconi

“Control of Hybrid Systems: Theory, Computation and Applications” by Manfred Morari

“Reaching a Consensus in a Dynamically Changing Environment” by Steve Morse

“Motion Control OF Autonomous Vehicles: Unstable Systems and Enviroment Perception in the Loop” by Anibal Ollero

“A survey on output nonlinear feedback” by Laurent Praly

“On opportunities in distributed control theory” by Anders Rantzer

“Modeling for model-based control: some thoughts on mathematical models of automotive powertrains and their application to control development” by Giorgio Rizzoni

“Issues in digital control of high-performance power converters” by Carlo Rossi

“PCHD-Systems, from the Lumped to the Distributed Parameter Case” by Kurt Schlacher

“Force and Visual Control for Physical Human-Robot Interaction” by Bruno Siciliano

“Structural analysis of fault tolerant observability and monitorability” by Marcel Staroswiecki

“Robust hybrid control systems” by Andrew Teel

“Worst-Case and Probabilistic Models of Uncertainty: Benefits and Pitfalls” by Roberto Tempo

“Network Modeling and Control of Physical Systems” by Arjan van der Schaft

“Sampled-Data Control and New Applications to Signal Processing: Beyond the Shannon Paradigm” by Yutaka Yamamoto

“Communication constraints in the state agreement problem” by Sandro Zampieri


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