Special CASY Workshop on
“Advances in Control Theory and Applications”

May, 22 - 26, 2006
University of Bologna Residential Centre of Bertinoro, FC, Italy

The idea is to organize an high-quality scientific meeting gathering theory- and application-oriented researchers working in multidisciplinary fields. Our ambitious goal is to have a workshop qualifying not as the “umpteenth” meeting where to present papers with “last results” but rather an occasion to discuss, in a un-formal and familiar framework, about our discipline, to share ideas/problems, to present case-studies, to show the limitations/potentialities of existing/emerging theories, to facilitate cross-fertilization between different theoretical/applicative areas. In our vision the natural outcome of the workshop should be the identification of new theoretical developments and research directions motivated by relevant applicative problems which are still looking for a theoretical support and effective rigorous solutions to advanced applications.
This goal should be achieved by gathering an invited balanced participation between theory-oriented scholars who have shown a specific interest towards advanced applications and more application-oriented researchers who like to tackle their problems in a rigorous theoretical framework.
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