Special CASY Workshop on
“Advances in Control Theory and Applications”

May, 22 - 26, 2006
University of Bologna Residential Centre of Bertinoro, FC, Italy

The University Center in Bertinoro
The Centre is located in three large historycal and monumental buildings not far from one another, forming a united complex on the top of the built up area of the ancient town, in a quiet and hospitable place, which is also particularly pleasant and peaceful.
The Centre is especially suitable for residential training courses, seminars, workshops and conventions and it can be used for University initiatives as well as any qualified initiative of a cultural nature, be it private or public.
A partnership formed on purpose by Bologna and Romagna University, the local Institutions and Bertinoro Council is in a charge of the Centre.

The Ravelin
The Center secretary's office, some lecturehalls and a lounge area leading to some wide terraces with a panoramic view were made out of the Ravelin (the Fortress's outpost). After the recent restorations it is possible to go into the Fortress directly from the Ravelin through the ancient communication trench which once connected the counts' residence to their military garrison.

The Episcopal Fortress
The building of the Fortress, carried out by the Counts of Bertinoro, dates back to the first decades of the tenth century. Thanks to its privileged position it was one of the most feared defensive works and a safe shelter from enemy attacks.
The ancient castle was well elimited by the line of Ghibelline battelments which are visible again after the recent restorations. At the time four high towers interrupted the line on the four corners.
Some halls of the "piano nobile" are ornamented with important frescoes, most of them of the sixteenth century but also of the fifteenth and seventeenth century. Some frescoes were discovered during the restorations.
On the ground floor and in the national and international institutions which have their offices at the University Center: the Agreement called "Mediterraneum" among the Universities of Jerusalem, Ankara, Tessaloniki, Bologna, Heidelberg, Tunis, the Gregoriana University, the Antoniano University, and the Italian Association of the University Chairs of Religious Science.

The Restaurant
The Guestrooms are situated on the first and second floor of the former episcopal seminar, in a spacious and comfortable place.
Next to the Guestrooms and directly connected tho them there is a restaurant (self service or bouffet) with a capacity of 110 which is open when courses and meetings take place at the Fortress.
On request the restaurant can also supply complete meals.

Accommodation in Bologna

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